About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unparalleled artificial lift solutions by combining industry experience, innovative problem solving and superior service.


We will ask “how much from how deep” and try and assist in defining the problem. Our job from that point on is to present you with as many viable rod pumping options as possible that will solve your particular problem, in our experience.

Once you have selected, purchased, and installed a pumping system, our responsbility shifts to a service provider that can help you ensure a completely economical and trouble-free system.

Going forward, if you have a problem, we have a problem. Our ultimate achievement is to become a long-term technical service and material vendor for all your rod pumping needs.

Core Values


We believe in Quality, in our products, our services, our interactions, and our people.


At Penta, we must have the drive to take initiative, the drive to learn, the drive to improve, and most of all the drive to succeed.


We must work as a team, with our vendors, with our customers, and most of all with each other.


We must be accountable, for our efforts, for our actions, and for our outcomes.


We must conduct urselves with the utmost integrity in all our endeavours.


Most of all we will make safety a top priority in everything we do. Anything worth doing, is worth doing safely.

Why Choose Us




The quality, experience and training of our people are the keys to our success. We are very careful not to sell more than we can supply and service properly.

Penta, with a sales office in Calgary and inventory and service points in Estevan and Edmonton has quality staff in all of our locations to look after all of your rod pumping needs.

About Us

Penta Completions Supply and Services Ltd. is the only Canadian oilfield company specializing in the sale and service of sucker rods and related equipment.


Founded in 1987, the Edmonton based firm initially focused on fibreglass sucker rods and then expanded into a complete rod pumping optimization and services organization as directional and horizontal drilling increased well design complexity.

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