Classroom-Based Training

Penta Completions believes that training is a very valuable tool for oil companies to optimize their wells and offers a full range of courses to the energy industry. While the Sucker Rod Pumping Systems school is offered in a classroom setting during the spring  and fall, the remainder of the courses (see “Other Training” below) are best done on‐site at the oil company’s  location.

Sucker Rod Pumping Systems – Design, analysis and Optimization


Wellbore characteristics

Geological and reservoir concepts, porosity & permeability, reservoir and bubble point pressure, vogel’s and linear inflow performance relationships (I.P.R. Curves), pressure decline maintenance.

Beam lift system Components

Down hole rod pumps, rods & tubing, unit pumpers, prime movers.

Beam pumping system design

Design guidelines, plus deviated or horizonal rod string design.

Dynamometer well analysis

Dynamometer card interpretation, fluid levels, depression tests & pressure build-ups, optimizing existing wells.

Rod pumping “Challenges”

Gas interference, fluid pound, well problems, gearbox overload, sucker rod failures, pump off control.

Course Description

This course covers the necessary skills to enable you to maximize your rod pumping efficiency. This training will be of great interest to anyone involved with rod pumping systems including engineers, production technologists, production superintendents, field foreman, and service personnel.


Fee: $1195.00 CDN + GST

Includes: 3-Day school tuition, course manual, continental breakfast and refreshments.


Tom Dennehy

Mr. Dennehy has devoted his career to the advancement of sucker rod lift technologies. Starting off in the field with Mid Continent Supply almost 5 decades ago, Mr. Dennehy founded Penta Completions in 1987 and has been focused on the science behind sucker rod artificial lift ever since. A long-standing affiliation with Mr. Ken Nolen, Dr Sam Gibbs and Mr. Fred Morrow going back to the development of the NABLA diagnostic and predictive technologies, combined with Mr. Dennehy’s experience both in the field and on the engineering side of sucker rod lift adds a unique and valuable perspective to rod pumping, benefitting both field and office personnel.

2024 School Dates

We offer courses in both calgary and estevan. Here are upcoming course dates:


April 9-10-11, 2024

Ramada Plaza Downtown
708 8th Ave SW

Refund or Cancellation Policy: Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to school will be subject to $250.00 cancellation fee. No refund made for cancellations less than 3 working days prior to course beginning. Penta Completions reserves the right to cancel the course for insufficient enrollment; should this happen a full refund would be issued.

Other Training

We also provide on-site training at your location – courses include:

  • Operating Training
  • Introduction to Rod Pumping
  • Care & Handling of Sucker Rods

We also offer “lunch-n-learn” style tutorials as well – just drop us a line to learn more!

Field/Operator Training
Introduction to Rod Lift Theory for well operators provides your field team with the tools needed to work with modern wellhead managers and VFD’s. Exposing them to the concepts behind dynograph interpretation, gas interference, fluid pound, inflow dynamics and best practice ideas. These sessions can be customized around the challenges unique to your fields or to help educate rig crews and other servicing personnel on the importance of proper handling and installation practices.

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