At Penta, we understand that a good design and quality rods aren’t always enough to provide long run times and efficient operation. Our field services are available to fill in the gaps – from rig floor installation and inspection to full automation support to dynamometer and fluid level services.

Penta will help to ensure all connections are made to spec, that the rod string is handled properly and installed as designed, and that the pump spacing is correct. Our pull & inspect and fishing services can reduce downtime and help to ensure that damaged or unsuitable equipment doesn’t get ran back into the well.

Along with supplying the KWM controller and Pentadrive VFD, Penta offers complete automation service and support including Installation, Programming, Integration, VFD Commissioning, communications, and troubleshooting. Our techs are fully trained in rod lift analysis and optimization theory, allowing them to provide a level of support that means less downtime and failures due to incorrect programming or bypassed POC’s. 

Since inception, Penta has offered complete dynamometer and fluid level services, so you can make the right decisions. Our experienced techs combine visual, aural and measured data to provide an accurate assessment of pumping conditions to assist in finding incremental production potential, reduce failure frequencies, improve efficiency, or just find out exactly how your systems are performing.

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