Superod® is the most technologically advanced fiberglass sucker rod in the world. The new patented end fitting has the best stress distribution of any end fitting that has ever been built. This gives you a product that will last longer and handle more load than any sucker rod on the planet.

Properly designed sucker rod designs are capable of increasing fluid production with increased efficiency and lower lifting costs.  Because a fiberglass sucker rod string is elastic, a longer down hole pump stroke relative to the surface stroke can be achieved allowing more fluid to be lifted with each cycle.  Because a fiberglass sucker rod string is light, pumping unit loads are reduced, allowing for lower gearbox loads.  Lower gear box loads mean more production per horsepower input.

Today’s oil producer is face with a constantly changing production situations.  Faced with high fluid levels, deep pump settings corrosive fluids, high gear box loads, and high horsepower requirements, more producers are turning to Superod® for solutions to their down hole situations.

Tenaris’ sucker rods and accessories are designed to efficiently respond to challenging operating conditions, including high loads, corrosive environments and applications where control of tubing/rod friction is required. Manufactured to the most stringent quality standards, all product lines comply with ISO 9001 and API Q1 specifications. A single quality policy and the enforcement of a rigorous quality management system ensure homogeneous quality across all facilities. Quality control procedures include statistical process controls, daily process/product audits and sucker rods traceability systems.

Each individual rod is straightened, while its entire surface is inspected by Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment that can detect any potential transversal or longitudinal defects in accordance with API criteria. Internal ultrasonic tests are also performed. Additionally, all Tenaris sucker rods undergo a shot peening process that compresses their external surface to improve fatigue resistance.

Penta has been at the forefront of pump off control since opening in 1987. Originally partnered with NABLA Corporation as their representative in Canada, our relationship with Dr Sam Gibbs and Mr Ken Nolen is the cornerstone of Penta’s automation and optimization focus. Starting with the original NABLA Pump Card Monitor and continuing with the SAM Well Manager, we’re proud to now offer the next generation of control with the Ken Well Manager from Wellworx.

The KWM is an industrial Edge Computing Devices with dynamic new control algorithms, on board communication capabilities and cutting-edge features like plunger velocity overlays on the dynagraph cards, the Ken Well Manager is the controller of the future.

The KWM also features prominently in the next generation of Penta Drive VFD, offering full integration of the POC into the drive and VFD Speed Zones. The new Penta Drive is the leader in pump jack control.

Gas and solids are two of the biggest challenges faced by producers in their rod pumped wells. Penta has been supplying solutions for more than three decades. From the full line of Penta GS poor-boy style separators to the Wellworx Suite of DH tools, we have the right products for all well conditions. The MAX for high liquid rates, the Halo to handle both sand/solids and gas and the Helix solids separator can be equipped to improve performance in both rod pump and ESP applications.

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