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Penta Completions – Bringing more than 35 years of rod pump control and optimization experience to support our automation offerings. We don’t just supply VFD’s, we offer optimized systems. The PentaDrive VFD seamlessly integrates powerful KWM control technology with a high quality Sensia Speedboss VFD; providing unrivaled reliability, accuracy & accessibility. Available in sizes ranging from 10hp to 150hp, we have the drive that will meet your needs.


The new Ken Well Manager from Wellworx brings dynamic control to modern wells. A state-of-the-art industrial edge device with built in communication capabilities, the KWM is the future of rod pump control.


Pump Intake Pressure (PIP) Control Mode

Dynamic Pump Leakage Algorithm

VFD Speed Zones w/ Intrastroke Speed Changes

10.1” High Resolution Touch Screen

Modular Design

Real Time Data, Event and Security Logging

Ken Live Cloud Interface

Plunger Velocity Plot Overlays DH Dyno Card

Tested in Canadian Winters

PentaDrive VFD

The next generation variable frequency drive from Penta Completions, the PentaDrive harnesses the power of the Ken Well Manager. Fully integrated with a reliable Sensia Speedboss VFD, the PentaDrive brings total well control to your operation and reduces the need for site visits for programming and troubleshooting purposes.

PIP Control Mode

Speed Zones w/ Intrastroke Speed Changes

Dynamic Control Algorithms

Built In WiFi & Cellular Communications


Customized Packages Available

Modular and Expandable Infrastructure


The GREENSHOT brings Frequency, Accuracy and Consistency to ESP and Rod Pump Applications. It shoots 1-10 Fluid Levels per day, one Acoustic Velocity Shot per week and 144 Pressure Buildups per day. It’s also the ONLY permanent and automated fluid level system that is truly ‘green.’ The system functions without high-pressure nitrogen or CO2 and all actions performed by GreenShot utilize the well’s naturally produced casing gas.

With each Fluid Level Shot, GREENSHOT provides the end user with SEVEN key data points:

Fluid Level Above Pump (FLAP)

Gas-Free Fluid Level Above Pump (GFFLAP)

Acoustic Velocity (AV)

Pump Intake Pressure (PIP)

Casing Pressure (CP)

Fluid Gradient (FG)

Casing Gas Produced Up Casing in Thousand

Cubic Feet per Day (mcf/d) (CGP)

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