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Rod Lift System Installation, Inspection and Spacing

Rod Lift System Installation, Inspection and Spacing

While corrosion is the number one cause of sucker failures, handling practices are a close second. Penta Completions provides field service techs to help ensure that your rods are handled and installed correctly, leading to fewer failures. Improper handling leads to bent rods and stress risers forming due to elevator or rig floor damage. Incorrect make-up procedures lead to failed pins and couplings. A poorly spaced rod string leads to deep tubing leaks and rod breaks, along with premature pump failures. A Penta service tech helps to mitigate these costly, but often overlooked problems.

Fishing and Inspection

Penta service techs are highly experienced in fishing different types of rod strings, specializing in retrieving steel rods parted below the fiberglass section. They are also valuable in establishing standards for visual inspections and offering recommendations to improving run lives and performance post workover. A trained Penta tech is able to identify wear that doesn’t correlate with the models and ensures that reports include all relevant information, providing an accurate record that avoids confusion on future pulls.

Dynamometer & Fluid Levels

We’ve all been exposed to situations where performance doesn’t match what our predictive software is showing. In these instances, Penta Completions can provide a comprehensive dynamometer-based evaluation, so you know exactly what needs to be done before the rig moves. Proven technology that’s been used to reduce failures, improve performance, and identify wells with potential for additional production.

Pump Jack Automation

With over three decades of experience with pump off controllers and variable frequency drives, combined with a comprehensive understanding of rod pumping systems, Penta Completions automation services are second to none. Penta supplies the revolutionary KEN WELL MANAGER as the brains of our offerings, but our highly experienced techs are available to help you get the most out of any pump jack controller. From setpoint optimization to troubleshooting, Penta provides the support you need to maximize your investment in automation equipment.

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