Design & Analysis

Predictive Rod Pumping System Design

Wellbore Path and Existing System Analysis

Inspection Service and Failure Analysis

Purchasing a high-quality sucker rod is only the first step in building a reliable pumping system. Understanding why sucker rods fail and knowing how to prevent those situations from arising is equally important. From the beginning, Penta has offered Dynamometer and Rig Floor analysis services to support its design practices. This means that a Penta design is based on understanding what the predictive outputs mean when compared to measured Dyno data and post operation visual inspections of the rod string. Predictive software relies on generic values being applied to predict the performance of unique well conditions, leading to pumping systems being installed that are either under-designed or over-designed. Both situations result in higher costs to the producer, through increased capital expenditure or operating/servicing expenses. A Penta designed system is based on real world exposure to tens of thousands of pumping wells around the globe, resulting in lower operating costs and, in many cases, lower capital costs.

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