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Transition Announcement: President Assumes Role as Founder of Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd.


CALGARY, July 5, 2024 – Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd. is pleased to announce a significant transition in leadership as Tom Dennehy moves into the role of Founder. This strategic evolution marks a new chapter in our company’s journey and sets the stage for continued growth and innovation under fresh leadership.

Having served as President for over 20 years, Tom has been instrumental in shaping the success and culture of our organization. His leadership, strategic insight, and commitment to excellence have been vital in steering us through challenges and driving us towards our goals.

“I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments we have achieved at Penta during my tenure as President,” commented Tom. “As I transition into the role of Founder, I am excited to continue contributing to the company’s success in a new capacity, supporting the incoming leadership team, and focusing on new opportunities for growth.”

In assuming the role of Founder, Tom will leverage his deep industry knowledge, 40+ years of oil and gas experience, and passion to provide strategic guidance, mentorship, and support to the incoming leadership team. His continued involvement will ensure a seamless transition and a strong foundation for the company’s future endeavors.

In moving forward, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Thomas Dennehy as the incoming President of Penta Completions. With a proven track record of leadership and a commitment to building on our company’s successes, Thomas is well positioned to lead us into the next phase of growth and innovation.

Thomas holds a BSc. In Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta as well as 12 years of experience working with Penta, having worked across all locations. Thomas is poised to lead our organization to new heights. His commitment to embracing change, empowering teams, and delivering exceptional results aligns perfectly with our company’s values and goals.

“I am honored to further my career at Penta as President and look forward to working closely with our talented team to build on our successes and expand on Penta’s legacy in the Western Canadian Oil & Gas industry” expressed Thomas. “Together, we will continue to prioritize industry leading experience, quality, and customer satisfaction in all that we do.”

We thank Tom for his outstanding leadership as President and look forward to his continued contributions as Founder. Join us in celebrating this exciting transition and the bright future ahead for Penta Completions.

For media inquiries related to this press release please contact Amanda Yeo-Arsenault at 780-436-6644

About: Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd. is a leading provider of artificial lift equipment in the Canadian oil and gas industry, offering specialized services and high-quality equipment to optimize well performance. With a dedicated team of experts and technically advanced products, Penta Completions is committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether it’s downhole tools, rod lift equipment, or well optimization products, Penta Completions ensures reliability, efficiency, and safety in every project they undertake. Trust Penta Completions Supply & Services Ltd. to elevate your wells to new heights.

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